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Billy Corgan comments about false news

Appearing on Drew Garbo Live, Corgan was asked about the NWA and the reports of a nixed TV deal.

"I'd like to say, first and foremost, we are a television content producer. Wrestling in the 21st century is television first and everything else second. That's not to say that the second is not important, but if you can't drive from television down, you're going to have a hard time building an audience. Certainly, being on national television in any capacity, digital or otherwise, broadcast network, that's how you reach the most people. Going into a market like Sarasota, as we'll be Saturday after next, having people have a routine to reach your television product is part of what makes people want to see the matches. We are free on YouTube, but the way YouTube works, and the way people's schedules are, unless they go looking for stuff, they may not know you're there. TV deals are at the core of it, and there has been a ton of speculation lately, and I stand by what I said. We have two TV deals with a top 20 network. That's all I can say for now. There is lots of speculation that's not true, but I can stand here and say, hand on heart, that is absolutely true," -Billy Corgan

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