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Bret Hart Comments On The possibility of Joining AEW

With FTR and CM Punk repeatedly talking about Bret Hart on social media and the Owen Hart Foundation tournament currently in progress, some fans believe the former WWE Champion is AEW-bound. When news broke that he would be appearing alongside them on an indie show, it really added fuel to the fire that would be managing FTR. However, Dave Meltzer subsequently reported that Hart might be under a contract with WWE, which would prevent him from working with AEW. In an interview with Lucha Libre Online,

Bret said this:

Well, I’m happily retired. I’m a home guy now, and there’s not a lot I can do in wrestling. People say, “What are you going to do? What would you do in AEW?” And it’s like, what would I do? Referee? Manage? Be a chairman? It’s like I don’t want to be remembered that way. I want to be remembered as a wrestler.

I’d be happy to help a lot of them, and I know a lot of them, and I talk to them, a lot of them sometimes by text or on the phone, and people call me up. I always got advice, and I can always pinpoint little things that can make a difference in a guy’s match or something he’s doing, but I’m a guy that likes being home. So they’re gonna have to call me on the phone.

Bret Harts's WWE Legends deal is the same one Jake Roberts has. From this interview, Bret seems like he wants no part of being a full-time manager. Bret has always said he wants to be remembered as a wrestler. If AEW throws enough money at Bret could we see him for a short run? We can only hope and imagine how great that would be!

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