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Brody King Speaks about creativity In The House Of Black

Brody King spoke with Denise Salcedo to discuss a number of topics. One of the topics spoke about whether the ideas for The House of Black (himself, Malaki Black, and Buddy Matthews) are a collaboration or are they one guys.

“Everything with the House of Black is very much a collaboration. Usually one of us will come to the table with an idea. Then we all just kind of riff off of that and make something out of that. Whether it be a segment, or a promo, or a match, like what do you guys think we should do? Everyone kind of gives what they think they should do. Then we take pieces from all of it and make the whole thing. So it’s really cool, because it doesn’t feel like one person is in control of the whole thing. Obviously, Malakai has a lot more experience in wrestling to guide all of our ideas. I feel like without him, it might not be as polished as it would be.”

H/T to for the transcription

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