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Buff Bagwell "Still Sober" Despite Recent DUI Arrest

The 5-Time WCW World Tag Team co-champion was arrested on November 16th in Cobb County, Georgia for speeding and DUI, the latter of which is for drugs.

The WCW icon was released from custody on Friday at 1:51 PM EST, with his sentence listed as “time served.”

Marcus Alexander Bagwell took to social media to address his arrest, noting that he is still sober despite it being listed as a DUI. He tweeted,

“Still sober despite the reports – unfortunately whenever I get a violation in the DUI Court Program it lists my original offense from 3 years ago. I did serve 24 hours for losing my temper Thurs-Fri and I’m working keeping my cool every day.”

The former Vicious & Delicious member stated that he has been sober for 446 days and discussed the early days of his sobriety. He claimed to have realized that staying away from drugs and alcohol isn’t so hard; it is dealing with his emotions without relying on drugs that challenge him, and he is too invested in his sobriety to throw it away, so he has to deal with his temper which is another challenge.

Bagwell further noted that his temper is “out of control” and that has led to setbacks with DUI court. The former WCW wrestler had sanctions with the DUI court for things like not filing paperwork properly which have been reported as relapses, but that isn’t the case.

The former New World Order member added, “So recently in DUI Court class, I’d asked the teacher a question on how to do something. And she told me, I did it and she failed me. And I flipped. I couldn’t believe it, I was like, ‘What?!?’ Looking back on it, I could have handled it so much differently. And so because of my temper, I’m now in another situation. I actually got court tomorrow, which is going to be November 16th. Thursday, November 16th, and I’ll be going to court for an in-class disruption. And it’s going to be out there that Buff Bagwell relapsed, but I’m letting you know that I am clean and sober and doing fantastic. But I may be going to jail for my temper, which is the next goal in my life to overcome.”

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