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Cody says he was a heel in AEW

Cody Rhodes admits his whole “ refusing to turn heel “ in AEW was him being a heel character…

During his interview with Ariel Helwani, Cody talks about being a heel in AEW but some fans missing it because it was a little too nuanced.

“ AEW fans wanted me to turn heel so badly….so what’s the most heelish thing I could do…
Not turn doing so I’m now the biggest heel in the entire company.
I’m the bad guy who refused to admit he was the bad guy.
And this isn’t just some revisionist history, it was all there.
I’m feeding for the baby faces in all my matches.
Yeah I’m throwing my belt out to the crowd but I’m doing it knowing they don’t want it.
I just think maybe it was a little too nuanced and some people didn’t get it. “

- Cody Rhodes

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