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Darius Martin Out Of Action 6-9 Months

Last month, AEW wrestler Darius Martin of Top Flight revealed he suffered a leg injury after just returning to action in early March from a torn ACL.

Martin missed a year of action due to a torn ACL. He had 11 matches across promotions since his return before injuring his leg.

“There are so many of these young kids even like Max Caster, who I think is great. Both…even though I wrestled Dante Martin and his brother [Darius], even though unfortunately he’s [Darius] currently… I wish him a speedy recovery because he had a really nasty car accident. He’s out for like another 6-9 months.” (quote courtesy of So heartbreaking that this young, talented wrestler has to miss a significant amount of time yet again. We at F’N Wrestling wish Darius a speedy recovery and cannot wait to see the High Flyer making waves in AEW.

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