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Is AEW Better Than WWE?

Say what you will about All Elite Wrestling’s ups and downs over the last couple of years... but the promotion has been arguably producing the best content overall, out of any professional wrestling company on the planet, ever since its birth. There are certainly things that AEW doesn’t do so well, but in comparison to WWE, they have plenty of positive points.

This might cause some contention, but the following are things that AEW arguably does better than the Federation. Whether it be concerning weekly TV, elements of production, Pay-Per-Views / Premium Live Events, or specific divisions, they have plenty of positives which are superior to their larger competitor.

Pay-Per-Views Versus Premium Live Events

~ AEW’s TV might have negative stages, but PPVs always deliver

~ The pace of AEW’s PPVs ensure for a night of fun action

~ Most matches on AEW’s PPVs are great

Over the last five years, AEW has held over 35 PPV events, with all but perhaps one or two being great at worst. The majority of these shows though have been in contention for the best PPV of the whole year, and in some cases the best of all time.

The constant quality of these events is one of the major reasons why All Elite Wrestling is kept afloat and retains its good graces. These shows just have match after match of world-class wrestling, strong stories, and memorable moments too. Even in AEW’s worst periods, these events always offer something to shout about. For WWE, their Premium Live Events have been much better recently, but there is still a lack of consistency and pacing issues.

Building Relationships With The Wider Wrestling World

~ WWE has often ignored the rest of the wrestling world

~ AEW’s “Forbidden Door” with NJPW has been largely a success

~ AEW talent is able to work outside of the company

When it comes to Trips-opolis, they have swept aside the wider wrestling world for decades, save for a handful of small examples of working with another promotion. All Elite Wrestling have been the complete opposite, actively involving wrestlers from New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance, Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, and Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide over the last five years, and more.

Additionally, AEW allows their wrestlers to sometimes appear in big promotions and on smaller indie events too, which helps wrestling’s ecosystem. Tony Khan has been proven to be very effective in building relationships and creating a community.

Tag Team Wrestling

~ WWE has hardly ever prioritized tag team wrestling

~ The Attitude Era’s tag team division is overrated

~ AEW’s tag team division has been given more focus and star power

One obvious difference between the pair, from day one, was the presentation of tag team wrestling. Often in All Elite Wrestling, the tag team division has felt on par with the singles divisions, with top names, main events, and plenty of time dedicated to it.

Under Vince McMahon especially, the Federation didn't view tag team wrestling as a draw. Fans may look back fondly on old eras of tag team wrestling in WWE, but there was still always a lack of focus, time, and presentation from them.

Compare & contrast: how both have used the FTR. Nuff Said!

Entrance Music

~ WWE’s Def Rebel get criticized a lot

~ Most wrestlers on AEW’s roster have distinctive, unique, and memorable music

~ AEW pays for licensed music more often than WWE

Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, FTR, Darby Allin, Adam Cole, Hook, and "Switchblade" Jay White are just a handful of the names in the promotion who have top-tier entrance music, and this list could go on and on. Every wrestler in All Elite Wrestling has a theme that fits them and enhances their overall presentation. Case-in-point, even the them song of Ariya Daivari is straight fire, thanks to the awesome work of Mikey Rukus!

In WWE, the state of entrance themes is a disgrace in 2024. Generic themes, cheesy elements, and repetitiveness have led to a stale era of music. A clear example of this could be seen in recent Royal Rumble matches, where it can take fans a few seconds to even realize who is coming out. You would not have this issue in AEW.

As a long time player of wrestling music on my radio show / Podcast "Wrestling With FanBoy Mark Jabroni's Ring Rust", I can attest to Trips-opolis having only a pittance of great current entrance themes, with Jade Cargill & Bianca Belair being top among them.

Promoting Young Talent

~ Young talent spends too long in WWE developmental

~ It can take time for younger names to make it in WWE

~ AEW pushes young talent faster and gives more chances

There has been some criticism at times for All Elite Wrestling pushing the likes of "Uberstar of Jerichlean Proportions" Chris Jericho, WWE Hall of Famer "Rated-R Superstar" Adam Copeland, Christian Cage, and other old names. However, they are also pushing a sea of young talent at the same time, who are developing and becoming big stars.

The likes of Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Darby Allin, "Scapegoat" Jack Perry, the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil, Jamie Hayter, Daniel Garcia, and many more are regularly featured and have had their star power steadily built. If they were in the Federation, many of these names might have spent years in NXT, with their potential being wasted. Overall, AEW pushes more young names and crowns these individuals as champions, much sooner than WWE ever would in the modern day.

Match Quality

~ There is more wrestling in AEW than WWE

~ Having more in-ring work has led to better matches more frequently

~ AEW is “where the best wrestle”

When All Elite Wrestling first began, it was the focus on in-ring action that really set it apart from Trips-opolis, and still continues to do so to this day. AEW’s shows are heavy on wrestling and less so on segments and promos, and this leads to infinitely more show-stealers and memorable matches. The number of classics churned out by AEW is crazy to behold.

Admittedly, WWE’s in-ring work & presentation have improved, since the change in regime, but there are more bad matches in WWE than there in AEW for sure.

I personally find myself regularly confused as to why the Federation has somebody go to the ring... then they go to commercial... then do a backstage interview... then play a promotional video... then their opponent comes out. Same, for in-ring interview segments, as recently done with WWE Women's champion Bayley.

Crowds More Energetic & Engaging

~ Outside of international shows, WWE’s fans can be quiet

~ Every AEW show (outside of rare outliers) has a thunderous audience

~ Even with less people, AEW’s shows have more energy

There is a certain type of fan more drawn to All Elite Wrestling and a certain one drawn to Trips-opolis, and in the case of AEW, it makes for a much more energetic, lively, and loud audience who add and elevate to every single show.

Some of WWE’s audiences have been fantastic recently, at their international shows... but on a week-to-week basis, All Elite Wrestling provides a fanbase who are very passionate and electric for every match on any card.

Larger Variety Of Match Types & Styles

~ Weekly AEW shows can have stipulations and gimmick matches

~ Wrestlers from Mexico, Japan, and more can bring their own distinctive styles

~ Wrestlers are given the freedom to wrestle how they want

In the last year alone, All Elite Wrestling has provided fans with Blood & Guts, Texas Death (multiple times), Steel Cage, Ladder (several variations), and countless more, with so many different gimmick matches taking place each month. Additionally, fans can see Japanese strong style, lucha libre, mat-based technical / catch wrestling, and more on a weekly basis.

The scope of variety in AEW is second to none, allowing for many different styles and match variants, making each show feel unique, special, and anticipated. WWE doesn’t have the same sort of variety, and it isn’t even close.

Veterans And Legends

~ The run of TNA & WWE Hall of Famer Sting is the best proof of AEW’s booking of veterans

~ Legends feel more like legends in AEW

~ WWE has sometimes made legends and veterans feel like afterthoughts or jokes

The usage and presentation of veterans has been fantastic in All Elite Wrestling. The likes of the Stinger, the Learning Tree, the Ultimate Opportunist, Captain Charisma, as well as WWE Hall of Famers "Daddy Ass" Billy Gunn, Tully Blanchard, Jim Ross, "the Enforcer" Arn Anderson, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Jeff Jarrett are just some of the legends of the business who have been treated with a whole lot of respect and been given a new lease of life.

For some, they have seen the best work of their careers and been handled well - far better than they perhaps would in WWE.

Feeling Fresher With New Matchups

~ WWE hosts a lot of rematches on TV and PPV

~ AEW have brand new matches every week

~ Rematches in AEW often feel more important

All Elite Wrestling receives some critique for its huge roster, with many names not gaining momentum and the pushes that some fans feel they deserve. However, this does have a positive element, as it means that, on a weekly basis, fans are seeing new and fresh matches.

In the Federation, there is a sense of repetitiveness some weeks, with the same rematches over and over, but in AEW this is very rarely the case. Rematches only happen when the storyline calls for it, but otherwise Dynamite, Collision, and Pay-Per-Views always have a feeling of freshness in terms of match lineups.

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