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Jake Roberts publicy apologizes to Steamboat after he incorrectly states he has heath issues

On the latest episode of "DDP snake pit" the show covered late great Eddie Guerrero. During this episode Jake apologizes to Ricky Steamboat after he reported the WWE Hall of Famer had health Issues.

Jake said that Ricky is in good health and also stated the following

“I have a heavy heart today,” Roberts said. “Last week, we were talking about someone who I hold in the highest regard. Nobody higher. I value our friendship as much as I do Dallas. He’s just a lovely, lovely man. Last week, out of concern, I brought up something that I had no business bringing up because I didn’t check who said it.”

Later in the episode Jake would also say the following

“Number one, you should never talk about someone unless you check the facts. I said that I had heard Ricky was having problems with the mental aspect. I did it out of concern and love and fear, fear that I had been the reason, maybe, that he was having problems (from an angle WWE ran where Steamboat got injured by Jake Roberts’ DDT on the concrete floor on Saturday Night Main Event in 1986). The good news is he isn’t having any problems. I repeated something that I heard from what I thought was a very good source, someone who spends time with him, and I was totally wrong in doing it. I’m ashamed that I did it. But man, I am so scared that I’m going to lose my friendship with him. I’ve reached out with no luck, and Ricky, I certainly understand that you have the right to ream my butt, kick my butt, whatever, but just don’t shut the door on our friendship. That’s all I ask because I would really miss that. He’s a number one talent. There isn’t anybody better selling. He’s a phenomenal talent and a phenomenal man, a great human being. Please let me come back in.” Steamboat’s name recently surfaced as Ric Flair’s opponent at Starrcast V but he noted last week at a signing Steamboat


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1 comentario

John Richardi
John Richardi
24 may 2022

Right on Jake your a real man old school met u with Fonzie in Tampa at convention 2006

Me gusta
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