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Maria Kanelllis Talks Mike Bennett’s Recovery During His Time In WWE: “They Never Offered Help

ROH star Maria Kanellis recently joined the Florida Sports podcast to discuss a number of different topics, including her response to the fact that WWE gets credit for helping her husband, Mike Bennett, recovery from his addictions. Highlights are below.

Says that WWE barely helped during Mike during his worst parts of his addiction and that she was his recovery:

I know a lot of people like to give WWE credit for him going through their program but he never did. He didn’t even tell them for a month-and-half after he told me. I was his recovery. I was his therapy. We were in the Loews Sapphire hotel in Florida and I had him basically locked in his hotel room for several days because he was worried he was gonna die and he had to go to the emergency room and you can actually see it [a patch/bandage of sorts] in that match with Sami [Zayn], and you know, it was a crazy week because he hadn’t wrestled on WWE [TV] yet but in his first match, he was three days from recovery and every time somebody says, ‘Oh, well WWE helped him,’ no, they never offered help and it was me. So if you want to pat someone on the back, you should pat me on the back because I was the one who was there making sure he didn’t die in that hotel room!

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