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More Theories on WWE's White Rabbit

Many are expecting the White Rabbit to show up at Extreme Rules next Saturday but some interesting theories has started to emerge that could change expectations for fans who are eager to meet the person or thing behind the teasers.

The White Rabbit appears to be an ode, in many ways, to Alice In Wonderland. However, for fans who are familiar with that fable, the Mad Hatter and White Rabbit have a conversation in the story that could impact what the Federation is doing with this character. One theory floating around is that, as is the case in the classic story, the watch the rabbit has is slow. In fact, in keeping with the theme of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the clock was exactly two days slow. If that holds true in WWE, the debut would happen during the season premiere of Monday Night Raw two days after Extreme Rules.

In the Lewis Carroll classic, the conversation starts as White Rabbit says: "Two days slow!?" and the Mad Hatter responds, "Course your late. (laugh) My goodness!"

Obviously, this is just a theory, but it makes a ton of sense when you consider the teases and the chase the Federation has required the WWE Universe goes on to uncover clues about the White Rabbit's identity. It would only be logical to swerve everyone and have his debut on one of the biggest Raws of the year.

Who Or What Is The White Rabbit?

If Alice In Wonderland is where this going, fans may recall when Bray Wyatt dressed like the Mad Hatter in a Firefly Fun House episode. He had 9 11 on it, but has been used in clues for the rabbit and it would fit with the theme that has been going on here. At the same time, perhaps the White Rabbit isn't actually the person debuting, but that person might follow them into the arena on Saturday or Monday night.

While there's a strong belief this all comes to a head at Extreme Rules this Saturday, a new theory linked to the Lewis Carroll classic thinks it's actually more likely the White Rabbit's identity isn't revealed until next week's WWE RAW

Might the Drifter Be The White Rabbit?

As for the theories behind who exactly the mystery wrestler is, another name was thrown into the mix courtesy of where the latest QR code takes you. A painting of Samson and Delilah, and there are two very big reasons why many fans now think all of this has been building to the return of Elias.

First of all, the Drifter is one of the many WWE Superstars to have lost one of his names during his ascension through the company. He was known as Elias Samson in WWE NXT. Considering Austin Theory has been given his first name back, and Doudrop has revealed there has been talk of her name being switched back to Piper Niven too, it certainly adds up that Elias would be called Elias Samson again when he returns.

Samson Looks Exactly Like Elias

The other indicator that the painting has something to do with Elias can be seen in Samson's appearance. Look at the guy. It might as well be a painting of Elias with his head on Delilah's lap. It has technically been well over a year since the Drifter last competed in the Federation. The Busker-Turned-Rock-Star lost to the since-released Jaxson Ryker in a Symphony of Destruction match. His brother Ezekiel, on the other hand, wrestled on Raw between April and August this year.

If Ezekiel and Elias really are the same person, something some fans might still not believe, two months may have been long enough for the latter to have grown his beard back. As entertaining as a return of the Drifter might be, anyone other than Bray Wyatt being the White Rabbit at this point runs the risk of being welcomed by a chorus of boos.

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