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Paige VanZant Wants ‘PPV Money For AEW TV

Paige VanZant spoke to “The Schmo” about her AEW double or nothing ppv performance “I’m feeling great, I went out there, we got the win … I showed everybody I’m meant to be a pro wrestler, too….I’m only going to get better. I just started training pro wrestling, but you got to see how quickly I picked up pro wrestling moves, and I showed all the girls in the division they’ve got somebody to look out for.” VanZant believes she is “PPV person,” AEW needs “to pay me the PPV dollars to show up.” VanZant sees herself as a “PPV person,” stating that AEW needs needs to “pay me the PPV dollars to show up.” VanZant has been training with Gangrel and is getting better every day.

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