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Randy Orton could be out of action for the rest of 2022 due to a legitimate injury

Photo credit WWE

On television, Riddle has been teasing the idea that Orton’s career could be over. However Fightful Select is reporting that Orton might be out of action for the rest of 2022. It’s being said that Orton had been “slated for a huge role” with WWE this summer but he isn’t factored into creative plans at the moment.

The website says this:

“Fightful has learned that Orton has been dealing with a back injury for quite some time, to the point he actually had work done to improve his condition before the tag team title unification match, though we aren’t sure of the extent of the ‘work’ that was done. We’re told that things have gotten progressively worse, and WWE fears that Orton will be forced to undergo a surgery.”

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