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Report: John Laurinaitis Officially Fired by WWE

John Laurinaitis was reportedly fired by WWE within the last week, according to PWInsider.

Their report said the dismissal was for "obvious reasons" and kept quiet outside a very small circle of people in the know.

The now-former Head of Talent Relations came under fire when he was named in the recent Wall Street Journal story revealing several allegations against Vince McMahon of misconduct. Bruce Prichard took over

In late June as Laurinaitis was put on administrative leave.

Laurinaitis, along with McMahon, are under investigation by the WWE Board of Directors over several hush money agreements, including one with a former employee who allegedly had a sexual relationship with both men. McMahon resigned last month, claiming publicly that he was retiring.

Laurinaitis was a long-term WWE employee, moving over from WCW in early-2001 following WWE's acquisition. He worked his way up the talent relations organization chart as director, executive vice president, and eventually senior vice president.

In 2012, he was demoted to a head producer role for reasons that were unknown. However, the timeline aligns with one of the aforementioned allegations against Laurinaitis as pointed out by the Wall street journal.

(Credit pwinsider)

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