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Sami Zayn's "Gettin' Ucey With It"

If you want to know just how popular the Honorary Uce is with the WWE Universe and wrestling fans in general, look no further than how popular his "Ucey" catchphrase has gotten. Zayn first mentioned the term when telling Jey Uso he was not being very "ucey" and the term stuck, turning into a phenomenon in the Federation. Now, fans are making a song out of the word and the clip is going viral proving that one thing can catapult a person to stardom.

Zayn has always been a great performer. But, his link to The Bloodline and Unified WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has placed him on another level and he's capitalizing in a major way. That said, Sami isn't behind this latest craze that has seen somebody edit the word "ucey" into the Will Smith song "Gettin' Jiggy With It". The song, along with clips of the former WWE Intercontinental Champion dancing, has fans even more in love with Zayn's work. And, considering he's had the entire faction and live fans in stitches on numerous episodes of Raw and SmackDown, it's safe to say WWE is going to run with this.

The idea for this clip was brought up by Lance Storm. He tweeted a few days ago, "Can someone more skilled than I do a remix edit of Will Smith’s Getting Jiggy with It, with Sami dancing to Getting Ucy with it?" Clearly, a fan replied and thought it was a great idea. The video clip is about 1:30 of the former NXT Champion dancing in the ring and the word "Jiggy" has been replaced with the word "ucey". It's hilarious and the tweet tagline reads, "Please put this on Spotify."

He's Only Getting Better

As he digs deeper into this character and his work with The Bloodline continues, expect the Federation to showcase Sami Zayn more and more. He's quickly proving to be one of the most valued members of the roster and while he's technically sound, it's his character work that has people falling in love with him.

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