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Sheamus Opens Up How Much Longer He Will Wrestle For WWE

Photo credit: WWE

Its a bit of a surpise but Sheamus has been in WWE for well over a decade. He recently gave some perspective as to how much longer you can see him running the ropes. In an interview with “The Five Count Radio Show” out of Mantako, MN, Sheamus was asked about how it felt to get back in front of a live crowd after not being able to due to COVID-19. Sheamus Said:

“It’s weird it feels like the ThunderDome, PC era has been a bit of a blur, but I’m excited, man,” Sheamus said. “Looking at a live crowd, the adrenaline and energy you can pull from them is incredible and it’s just a lot of fun for us, you know? Like you said, it’s hard, but we made it work, but sometimes it’s hard when you’re in there with just a bunch of video screens around you, you know what I mean? You gotta bring intensity on your own, but like I said, again with this job, with my career in WWE, it’s been insane. Who would have thought that I’d be wrestling in front of no people for a year and a half?”

Sheamus is nearing a “lucky” number anniversary coming up at the end of the month and if his proposed timetable for how much of a career he has left, “The Celtic Warrior” has plenty more he wants to accomplish.

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