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Smackdown wanted a 3rd hour?

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that WWE discussed adding another hour to SmackDown and airing the final hour on FS1. That didn’t happen, but the discussions were present. Now that AEW is officially moving into that 10:00 PM time slot on Fridays, it is likely that WWE was planning a counter programming measure that they ultimately passed on

Dave Melzter shared

“Rampage debuts August 13th, and when the idea came out. The old Vince McMahon would have put that third hour of SmackDown on FS1, because that was even talked about before. When the idea of Rampage, and this and this goes way, way back I mean over a year ago, the idea was always for it to be Friday at 10:00 PM from you know, over a year ago, who’s to know what WWE knew and didn’t know?”

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