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The Elite in the Dark About Their AEW Future

Things got a little chaotic behind the scenes in All Elite Wrestling following All Out. There had been rumours that all was not well backstage, and CM Punk lit the match that wound up setting off the powder keg by airing his grievances with those he'd been butting heads with, during a post-show press conference. Apparently that led to a physical altercation involving a number of people.

The Elite Doesn't Know What's Going On

Seven people were reportedly suspended following that altercation, and while some of those suspendees have since returned to the fray, Kenny Omega & the Young Bucks remain absent. There's seemingly no end in sight to all this for The Elite either, as according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, neither Omega nor The Bucks have been told how the situation is progressing.

As of a few days ago, The Elite had not been told anything about their current status with AEW and whether the issues stemming from what happened after All Out are in the process of being dealt with. There's still a lot of confusion and ambiguity for those of us on the outside looking in. Apparently a pending legal issue could be holding things up, but what exactly that legal issue is remains unclear.

CM Punk Might Never Return

Add to that another unknown hold-up, the details of which are even vaguer than those surrounding the aforementioned legal issue, and it sounds like the whole thing is still a bit of a mess. The last time the former AEW World Heavyweight champion and Ad Hoc Tag Team champions appeared in All Elite Wrestling was at All Out where they won the AEW Trios Titles. They were stripped of those titles due to their suspensions and Death Triangle (PAC & the Lucha Brothers {Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fennix}) won them on the following Dynamite.

Even though seven people were suspended following the altercation, Punk was not one of them. A suspension was likely deemed unnecessary for a number of reasons. Firstly the fact he is out injured for at least six months anyway... and secondly, the belief right now is that he won't return to All Elite Wrestling at all.

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