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the King's Disgusting Welcome to World Wrestling Federation

Although WWE is a promotion which has pushed the philosophy of putting smiles on faces and making the world a better place, it's a company which has been through some dark times and has had a lot of toxicity. There are several stories that have cropped up over the years, which have made people’s toes curl... as at times, the backstage area of not only the Federation but everywhere in the professional wrestling business can be a nasty place to be. One of the worst stories which has emerged over the years concerns WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler when he joined WWF in 1992.

His Memphis Reputation Could've Led To This Awful Welcome

Lawler's someone who came into WWE with a reputation already established. Jerry was a huge name in the Memphis territory (back when professional wrestling was far more territorial), with him being a big name outside WWE with several championships and all-time great feuds already. When it comes to mistreatment backstage, it feels as though stories often come out about rookies and new stars like The Miz, for example, who was kicked out of the locker room and made to change in hallways or wherever he could find space for himself.

When it comes to the King, it may come as a surprise to learn that he was the victim of an awful welcome by fellow Superstars, but it was his reputation that seemed to be the reason for this all happening. As mentioned, the WWE Hall of Famer was a big name in the Memphis area, but he wasn’t just an in-ring talent - he was also a top promoter. In 1977, Lawler joined up with Jerry Jarrett (the father of fellow WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett) to establish the Continental Wrestling Association, which quickly emerged as a top promotion in the area.

During that time, the CWA was winning all the wrestling wars in the Mid-South, with Lawler not only being a head of the promotion, but also getting pushed as a top name. Jerry would notably feud with the likes of Andy Kaufman during his time with the CWA, breaking into more mainstream culture as they appeared on Late Night With David Letterman, and revolutionizing the Mid-Southern territory.

Jerry had worked with a lot of different individuals during his time with the Continental Wrestling Association {and other promotions too} with plenty of those being in WWE at the time the King signed up with the company. As the WWE Hall of Famer was not only a wrestler but a promoter and booker, he had been the man partly responsible when it came to pushing certain stars and even letting names go at times, with the territories often being a conveyor belt when it came to featuring certain talent, leading to people coming and going. This was likely a big part as to why he was targeted, largely due to his name value and reputation, and as a matter of revenge.

Lawler's Crown "Got Randy Orton'd"

After signing with the World Wrestling Federation, things seemed to initially be going well - that was until Lawler was met by long-time friend {& fellow WWE Hall of Famer} "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart in the corridor before heading into the locker room. Lawler explained on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast, the Broken Skull Sessions, that Hart said “King, don’t go in there… Someone took a crap in your crown.” And sure enough, when the King went into the locker room and found his crown, someone had defecated inside.

Jerry’s immediate response to this wasn’t to cause a scene, as he instead went to Vince McMahon and offered to leave WWF in order to avoid causing any issues, or having a repeat of incidents like this. However, McMahon dissuaded him from leaving, and ensured it wouldn’t happen again. Whilst there have been conflicting details, it was reported that a memo went out to all talent, telling people to not let one go in the King’s crown.

No One Has Come Forward To Admit To Defecating Inside Jerry Lawler’s Crown

In terms of the culprit, this remains to be up in the air, as once again conflicting stories have emerged over time. Names such as Steve Keirn and The Undertaker have been thrown around as potential offenders, but it has never truly been made clear who the guilty party truly was. “Ribs” and other “receipts” went around a lot during this period, as that was very much the culture of the backstage area, with the likes of fellow WWE Hall of Famers "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith and Mister Perfect dishing out pranks in awful taste.

Thankfully for the King, things eased for him during his time in WWE, where he eventually rose up the ranks as not only a performer, but as a commentator too, becoming one of the voices of the Attitude Era during his role alongside fellow WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. Unfortunately, there are too many stories of disgusting things happening in the Federation's locker room, and they will likely keep emerging over the years too.

Source: the Sportster

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