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Sasha Banks lawyers are on the job!

Photo credit: WWE

During his Thursday Mat Men podcast, our Andrew Zarian said, “I cannot confirm she’s been released. But, I did hear late last week that her attorneys were working on getting this done.”

This all started yesterday when Raj Giri reported Sasha Banks has been released by WWE.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select had reported that he spoke with Giri earlier in that afternoon before the report surfaced and reached out to WWE. The representative he spoke to heard nothing about Banks’ release either way but did note that they saw Giri’s tweet. Regarding Banks’ status, nothing has been confirmed, but nothing has been refuted either. Contacts close to the public relations team in WWE had heard nothing of Banks’ reported departure as of 8 PM ET last night.

As of this post, no memos or emails have apparently been sent out by WWE internally regarding anything related to the reported release of Banks. There was reportedly an email sent urgently requesting her removal from an advertised live event. WWE has yet to comment on any of this, which includes not issuing any denial.

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