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Tony Kahn on monthly ppv Vs quarterly

AEW president Tony Khan was asked whether or not he is tempted to switch to a monthly pay-per-view format.

Tony was very clear that he is fond of his quarterly offerings on traditional pay-per-view but did say that should the right streaming offer come along, he believes AEW has the capacity to present monthly special events as long as their tentpole events remain the same.

"Well, we've been able to really make the events keep that super special feel, where there is so much anticipation building up to Revolution, Double or Nothing, Forbidden Door now, and of course, All Out and Full Gear," said Khan. "I think that with the current model we have, which is a la carte pay-per-view, true pay-per-view like so many of us grew up with, it makes a lot of sense. The price is about $49.99, and if somebody's going to give us that $49.99, I would like them to feel like they're getting a show they've really looked forward to for a long time and are getting maximum value.

"There are different ways to deliver shows now in the streaming economy, but I think in this current setup, we have a great calendar," he continued. "If the delivery method changed or streaming enters the conversation for AEW because an AEW streaming platform is something I get asked about every day; I think for us right now, the way we're doing pay-per-view makes sense, but if the right offer came along on streaming to expand the calendar, that's something we have the capacity to do. I would only want to do it if we can make sure that we keep Revolution, Double or Nothing, Forbidden Door, All Out, and Full Gear as premium, top-end events like they are right now."

Source: Fightful and The Jon Chuckery Show

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