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Update on the WWE / MLW Antitrust Suit

The antitrust lawsuit that has been ongoing between WWE and Major League Wrestling is coming to a close. It all started after an initial lawsuit by MLW that had to be amended this past March, as they listed changes made from their 2022 antitrust lawsuit.

The lawsuit

The original suit included allegations that the Federation violated the Sherman Antitrust Act in the US market for pro wrestling content, WWE attempted to undermine the competition regarding Major League Wrestling's pursuit of media distribution deals, and Tripsopolis tried to hire contracted talent away from the smaller company.

Major League Wrestling alleged WWE’s deal with Peacock contributed to its antitrust case because it kept non-Federation wrestling content off the service, including REELZ, a platform that aired MLW Underground at the time and wasn’t allowed to air or be promoted on the service.

There was also an allegation that WWE Hall of Famer & Chief Content Officer HHH had made attempts by Tripsopolis to prevent the G1 Supercard of Honor show years ago at Madison Square Garden.

The settlement

Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics noted after obtaining court documents that the two sides are in the process of finalizing a settlement in the suit.

The lawyers for both sides noted in the filing, "The Parties are in the process of completing the final settlement documents and expect to file the appropriate dismissal papers within the next thirty (30) days."

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