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Vice reports WWE Wrestler Ashley Massaro Accused Vince McMahon of Sexually Preying on Wrestlers in Previously Unreleased Statemen​

It reads , Massaro—who joined WWE as a wrestler in 2005, represented the company as a Survivor contestant and Playboy model, and ultimately was released in 2008—asserts that she saw McMahon “making out” with female wrestlers in the locker room, and that he sexually harassed her. She also says that after she rejected his advances he wrote demeaning scripts for her to perform that she inferred were meant to end her career and destroy her reputation—something that, she said, had previously happened to another female wrestler before she left the company. (VICE News is withholding the name of this wrestler to protect her privacy; she could not be reached for comment.) She also details two of McMahon’s long-serving lieutenants counseling her on how to deal with his behaviour.

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