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Vince is a fan of WWE Star Gunther!

Gunther, formerly known as WALTER, has found much success on the WWE SmackDown brand since his call up to the main roster earlier this year. He’s also impressed many “people of influence” in WWE, according to Fightful Select. The former WWE NXT UK Champion had plenty of supporters dating back to his time in NXT UK due to his size and in-ring work. report say that many things have put him in favor with WWE officials including his move to the United States, and his dedication to his diet and training. As previously reported, Gunther lost weight prior to his main roster arrival because Vince McMahon wants slim people on WWE TV. From the time he was sent to the United States full-time, it was always planned that he would go to the main roster, according to the Fightful report. Gunther’s willingness to “play ball” and make the best out of his move as well as lifestyle and ring name changes have made great impressions. It was added that one source indicated that McMahon has enjoyed Gunther’s in-ring work based on what he’s seen of it on SmackDown brand.

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