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WWE Hall Of Famer Defends Eddie Kingston Following Body-Shaming Tweets

Photo Credit: AEW

WWE Hall Of Famer X-Pac has taken to social media in order to defend AEW’s Eddie Kingston after someone decided to body shame him online using photographs.

The former D-Generation X and nWo star tweeted: “Yeah, there’s no way someone with a beer gut could possibly be a good athlete #GTFOH

He then followed that up with another, adding: “Most of these criticisms come from people who don’t have the 1st clue what makes someone a good athlete. FYI: It has zero to do with whether or not you can see their 6 pack.”

X-Pac was not the only person to publicly defend Kingston as ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor also shared his thoughts on the situation, making it clear that the AEW star could fight anybody legitimately.

He tweeted, “Eddie Kingston has stepped in between the ropes and actually fought and won in kickboxing fights. I’d be amazed if anyone s--t talking him has as well.”

When it comes to this particular debate, Kingston himself has not commented on the tweets, although he did previously claim that fans who body shame others as “evil, disgusting human beings.”

Regardless of his physique, Kingston is one of the most popular stars on the AEW roster, and has been from the moment he debuted, with Tony Khan consistently booking him in top spots on the show. Most recently he has been feuding with Chris Jericho, which has seen them compete in singles action and inside Blood & Guts on “AEW Dynamite.”

But, the issues between the two men are not finished, as they are set to go one-on-one yet again on the July 20th episode of “AEW Dynamite,” in what will be a barbed wire death match. This will be the second time that the company has used this stipulation, and this time they will be adding an extra element as the members of the Jericho Appreciation Society will be locked in a shark cage.

Courtesy of Wrestling Inc

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