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WWE star Becky Lynch sets a dismal new ‘Jeopardy!’ record

Becky Lynch is on the wrong side of history for Jeopardy.

Lynch appeared on the November 15 episode of Celebrity Jeopardy, playing against Macaulay Culkin and Rachel Dratch.

'The Man' is very successful inside of the squared circle, but on the Jeopardy stage...? Not so much.

On social media, The Jeopardy Fan pointed out that Lynch is the first player to give zero correct responses throughout sixty different questions.

Rachel Dratch went on to win the game, beating out Macaulay Culkin by a total of $33,601 to $33,600. Becky Lynch finished with a total of $1,000 after getting the Final Jeopardy question correct.

Lynch was playing Celebrity Jeopardy to benefit the charity of The V Foundation, which supports Connor’s Cure. WWE is currently in the midst of a long standing partnership with Connor's Cure.

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