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WWE Wanted Saraya to Return as Paige {SPOILERS FROM GRAND SLAM}

All Elite Wrestling Head Honcho Tony Khan promised Grand Slam would be a big show... and it didn't disappoint. A guarantee that a new AEW World Champion would be crowned {congratulations to Jon Moxley}, Chris Jericho is the new Ring of Honor World champion, and the Acclaimed snagged the AEW World Tag Team titles. Not all of Grand Slam's biggest moments revolved around title changes. There was also a big and unexpected debut.

WWE Wanted Paige

Toni Storm managed to retain the AEW Women's Title despite battling against three other wrestlers at the same time. Unhappy with the result, and backed by Jamie Hayter, Britt Baker DMD went about taking her frustrations out on the champ post-match. That's when some unfamiliar music hit and a name appeared on the big screen.

Any fans unsure who Saraya is were clued in when the woman formerly known as Paige walked out onto the stage. Saraya Knight's is the former WWE Divas champion & WWE Womens champion's real name, and she can no longer use her Federation moniker, since it's presumably owned by WWE {like the hair of EC3 & Sabu, apparently}. Speaking of which, a report from Fightful Select (via GiveMeSport) published before she made her AEW debut revealed both her new employers and old were keen to bring in the first-ever NXT Women's Champion.

Saraya Spoke With AEW Over The Summer

While it's unclear whether the Federation reached out to the former Paige, apparently the new regime was keen to bring her back into the fold. Perhaps one of the many WWE Superstars who Vince McMahon decided to let go, that WWE Hall of Famer Triple H wants to bring back. All Elite Wrestling clearly beat them to the punch on this one though, or perhaps Saraya did speak to both companies, but AEW's offer was more appealing, for whatever reason.

That reasoning, if there was a decision to be made, may become clearer in the coming weeks. Once the excitement from her showing up at Grand Slam had died down, fans started to question whether she'll actually wrestle. The former Divas Champion was forced to retire due to injuries almost five years ago. The way she came to Storm's defense on Wednesday suggests she may yet wrestle... but that is yet to be confirmed.

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