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AEW Dynamite review/results : May 11,2022

I hope this card doesn’t disappoint; I’m really hyped for this week. This week's opener was Adam Cole vs Dax Harwood in the first round of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. This match started off with some graps. It picked up after the second “Bay Bay” and a stiff chop. This match was a lot of fun. It spilled outside eventually and that’s when Cole got the advantage. They tried to do the Bret vs Stone Cold Mania 13 finish, but it isn’t the same without blood and Cole didn’t look natural putting in the Sharpshooter like that. Good match though

Winner: Adam Cole


Next was CM Punk vs John Silver. This is the match I was most excited for by far. I love John Silver and I’m so happy for him getting to wrestle CM Punk in his hometown on National TV. Hungie and the Dark Order are all good wrestlers and deserve to be on TV. AEW World Champion Adam Page was on commentary for this match, and I think that’s a nice touch. It works both ways since his past with the Dark Order and CM Punk being his next challenger. This match was fun, John Silver got his offense in as I hoped he would. He botched one move, but he recovered like a pro. Everybody messes up sometimes, it’s all about how you recover. CM Punk won and Wangman Page confronted Punk in the ring. Mr. Punk cut a great promo like always and I really enjoyed all this. This did a great job of getting John Silver his hometown moment and furthering a World title storyline. Everyone came out of this looking 2X better.

Winner: CM Punk


Next was a backstage promo with Britt Baker and her squad. Tony brought up that if Jamie wins, she will wrestle Britt and they both got nervous. I liked this.


Next was Danhausen’s AEW debut against Tony Nese. I love Danhausen and Nese and Mark Sterling are a lot better than they get credit for. What the Hell? Danhausen got squashed in less than a minute. Sterling cut a promo and Nese beat on Danhausen until Hook made the save. I love all of this except Danhausen losing so quick. #Hookhausen

Winner: Nese


After commercial was the only time Wardlow will ever be welcomed by boos. I love this storyline so much. Chris Jericho narrated a video package for the contract signing and it was hilarious. MJF got a huge pop like we would expect, and the entire segment was gold. This is possibly my favorite AEW segment ever.

🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽Plus a gold ⭐️

Next was the FTW Championship match between (C) Ricky Starks and Jungle boy. This match started with a technical stand-off. Jungle boy showed a more aggressive side in this match, and I really think he has needed a character shift for a while now, because eventually heeds to move on from Jurassic Express, Super fun match two of my favorite guys right now. Swerve came down to ringside and caused a distraction and eventually backfired. Ricky Starks hit Rochambeau for the 1,2,3. After the match there was a standoff between Jurassic express, Team Taz and the team of Swerve and Keith Lee. I like how Jungle boy didn’t care about all this and he sold how disappointed he was over losing he and Christain Cage teased a breakup but hugged for now.

Winner: (C) Ricky Starks


Next was the Jericho Appreciation Society victory speech. I think Jericho is having a mid-life crisis guys. This promo was stupid but entertaining. Just like the J.A.S honestly. The Eddie Kingston promo when he comes back will be an all timer. But for now, Mox interrupted, and this was perfect. Jericho “poked the bear” I guess and the Blackpool Combat Club Joined him. Holy shit Eddie is back and he brough Proud and Powerful. Regal layed out Jericho and that was the perfect ending.


After the commercials, Excalibur botched so hard, but it was so funny I didn’t care. Next was Jamie Hayter vs Toni Storm. Toni Storm feels like a star, and I hope she brings Juice Robinson to AEW through Forbidden Door. This was a disappointing match honestly it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good and that is not what I should be thinking after a match between these two.

Winner: Toni Storm


Next was a Frankie Kazarian promo. He was interrupted by Sammy Guevara. I don’t think Sammy is a good promo. Frankie is a gem though.


Now it’s time for your mainnn event! Of the evening. Jeff Hardy vs Darby Allin. Everybody knows why this match is so important. Punk rock emo stuntman vs Goth emo stuntman. This match was so much so fast. I cannot put together a string of words to describe this match so I will list sounds I made during various spots. “Holy shit!” “That was not worth it Mr. Allin” “Jesus Christ Bro!” “Both of these dudes are dead now. Nope I don’t like this. There better be a story out of this. Jeff kicks out of the Coffin Drop and rolls up Darby. I like that he pinned him in-between him and a ladder, tat was cool. Darby losing isnt. This is the Hardys retirement tour. This is where Jeff should've “Passed the torch” After the match they had a stare down with the Undisputed Elite to end the show. This match wasn’t my taste, it was too much of a stunt fest. Like yea, that is what these guys are known for but they can wrestle to. I like high spots when they make sense, not when they are there just because.

Winner: Jeff Hardy


I enjoyed the majority of this episode a lot, but the Main Event is the most important part of the show and It left me off on a bad note this week. Everything except the last two matches was great. This week's episode of Dynamite gets 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

Better be happy MJF got you that ⭐️Tony.

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