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Kenny Omega On CM Punk,His Status As EVP

Omega took the chance to address his side of things during the "Brawl Out" incident involving himself, the Bucks, Punk and Ace Steel during a recent Twitch stream. "I thought my duty as EVP during 'Brawl Out' would be to enter the situation while there was chaos, de-escalate it, and create a peaceful environment for everyone," he said, noting that he was at least able to get Larry — Punk's dog — out of the melee if nothing else. 

"Unfortunately, try as I may, things were too chaotic for me to be able to do anything by my own power ... I also thought of myself as a liability because  ... I just played a lot of contact sports and I've gotten into jiu-jitsu and boxing and mixed martial arts ... When you're in an environment like that, sometimes emotions get the best of you and people will wanna throw hands. I am unfortunately — or fortunately — a believer of it ... I'm actually a believer of fighting. I am, and that sounds terrible to say which is why, like, don't make me an EVP in 2024. We can't do that stuff anymore. I just feel that sometimes that's how you have to settle things." Omega also noted that he hasn't "had power" within AEW for more than four years, and considers himself a "terrible EVP" undeserving of the title

Omega admitted that there have been a number of times where he felt that a physical altercation would have been the only way forward when dealing with someone. But cooler heads prevailed and they were able to become better friends through it with a higher degree of respect. He thinks, in a contained scenario, a little tussle can be "conducive for a positive work environment," but that's exactly why he feels he shouldn't have any authority on the matter. Omega further revealed that he and Punk share no further bad blood, at least from his side of things. He even thinks they may have been able to talk things through if it wasn't for another factor. 

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