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FTR still needs new contracts in April

“Zero has changed, let's put it that way. We got a call from Tony and this was, maybe, five days before the pay-per-view, maybe, it could have been four days before the pay-per-view. I don't know and I'm just guessing that he either heard a clip, listened to the podcast, or read one of the headlines where I said we were ready to come back, our bodies were healed, we were just waiting for the call and we wanted to do what was right, because we are contracted through April.

Our choice right now is strictly on happiness, that's all. The pros of staying in AEW is a great schedule where I can come home and be with my family. The pros of WWE is they are the number one, at least and for the foreseeable future too, they are the number one money-making profession wrestling company in the world and monetarily, they could offer us a great deal too. But WWE, I don't feel like we would have the kind of schedule that we would like. Another pro for AEW is, unless Tony changes his mind come April, we will be able to do independent bookings, and having a great relationship with New Japan, where we can go.

Doing New Japan, doing the independents, going out and being able to do comic-cons and things and meeting some of our fans, those are the pros in AEW. WWE, they are on a creative high right now and I think that they could be able to keep that creative high up.

Nothing has changed and please allow everything to play out, because, come April, you will all be able to understand what we're doing and where we are going.”

- Dax Harwood (via FTR with Dax Harwood)

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