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HHH Back in Charge of WWE Creative

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Vince McMahon threw the wrestling world into a state of shock on Friday when he confirmed, after four decades of leading the WWE, that he will be retiring effective immediately. That has naturally led to a lot of change backstage over the weekend. John Laurinaitis appears to have been quietly ousted already, with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and Nick Khan assuming the roles co-CEOs.

He is The Game, Creative Don't Wanna Play Him

Earlier in the day on Friday, WWE issued a press release revealing WWE Hall of Famer Paul "HHH" Levesque will once again be Executive Vice President and Head of Talent Relations, a role the former Johnny Ace occupied up until recently. It would appear that isn't where The Game's involvement ends either. The promotion has since confirmed to Fightful that The Cerebral Assassin will be in charge of WWE creative.

As you can see via these tweets, The WWE Hall of Fame D-Generate will, besides being Head of Creative, have other new duties assigned to him this. Quite the workload for the Cerebral Assassin, who has effectively been off work for most of the last year, recovering from heart surgery. As you may recall, HHH was rushed to hospital last September with cardiac problems, which led to him retiring from in-ring action and nearly cost him his life.

Shooting Their Best Work? Or Really Gone?

Despite McMahon announcing his retirement 3 days ago, some fans have remained skeptical as to whether he's really gone for good. Since the former CEO is still the majority shareholder, even though he isn't present in WWE HQ, he could still be pulling the strings. Confirmation that The Cerebral Assassin now has creative control of the entire company seems to confirm that won't be the case... and that this really is the start of a new era for WWE, in every conceivable way.

Vinnie-Mac's retirement comes in the wake of reports that he paid more than $12,000,000 to former female employees, in return for their silence, after allegedly engaging in sexual misconduct and infidelity with them. Investigations are still ongoing, but it should be noted that just a few weeks before McMahon left the Federation, he told employees he'd never leave. The belief is that something changed significantly between then and last week.

Source: the Sportster

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