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Kevin Owens Announces Name Change, Mocks Fans

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

The volatile WWE superstar is now going by a new name, Kevinn Owens, having added a second ‘N’ to his wrestling sobriquet... simply to troll a fan.

Following a bit of a Twitter exchange with a member of the WWE Universe going by the name 'Brett' this week, K.O announced a name change.

The former WWE Universal Champion clapped back after 'Brett' accused him of not having an original moveset and asked that he become a trailblazer instead of a follower.

“No, Brett,” he wrote. “I’m going to start copying everyone even more. In fact, my name is now Kevinn. And you think you’re the only one that can take a selfie in front of a body of water while looking miserable?! Nope.”

Owens mimicked 'Brett’s' profile pic, attaching a photo of himself looking glum with what appears to be a lake in the background. The 38-year-old has also changed his Twitter name to Kevinn, encouraging fans to do the same.

“And yet you follow me AND copy me by having the same letter twice at the end of your name," he shot back at a fan going by the name 'Jeff', who said the former ROH World Heavyweight champion isn’t as good as he thinks he is.

“Seems to me like you’re a huge fan of mine. Thanks for your support, Geoff!”

Owens’ new name isn’t expected to spill over into The Federation, but I wouldn’t really put it past him to at least try to slip it in, saying his new t-shirt has to be reprinted due to a misspelling of his new name. The former Kevin Steen's on a roll right now, after taking part in an epic promo with Smackdown's Drew McIntyre on this week’s Monday Night Raw, as well as a remarkable match against the Scottish Warrior.

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