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Natalia Markova The People's Champ?

Natalia Markova appeared on Just Another F'N Podcast a few weeks ago and was asked the question, what was going through your head as you made your debut on AEW Dark? "probably the same thing that's running through my head for any match, I'm just very nervous, I want everything to go well, I want to do well...The good news is once I've crossed that curtain I'm ok, I'm happy " She did more than just "well", she turned a squash match for Leyla Hirsch into the Natalia Markova show! Everything about this match seemed to be against Natalia, she was facing another Russian and wouldn't be getting anything, in the way of offence. So she sold every suplex like she was being utterly destroyed, and then a remarkable thing happened Twitter and YouTube were flooded with comments directed at AEW to sign Natalia. When someone is brought in to be an enhancement talent they will get a few comments here or there, but nothing like the surge of support that Natalia Markova received after her squash match with Leyla.

AEW must have noticed this and decided to bring her back for a second show against Tay Conti. This was a less lopsided match, Tay Conti hit Natalia with a nasty looking kick early that bloodied her nose. Natalia delivered her beautiful destruction kick and Spinning X factor, signature moves as -1 covered his face. The result where the same, as a flood of comments hit Youtube and Twitter again. "Sign Natalia Markova", "Natalia Markova is a star" "Very impressed with Markova! hope she gets signed" were the typical response to her match on dark

When Natalia Markova returns to dark the same type of support will be there as well. The Natalia Markova army seems to be growing a little bit each day. Natalia responds to most comments on her twitter and is very interactive with her fans. It is the ultimate storm of good looks, charisma, skill, hard work and that special interactive connection she has with her fans that set Natalia apart from most wrestlers male or female. A lot of wrestlers would like to make the claim that they are the people's champ but its not a title they can claim, the people must give it to you. Natalia Markova is the people's Champ!

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