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NXT UK to Become NXT Europe?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Although there had been some concern of NXT UK as of late, with a canceled set of tapings appearing as a red flag, it appears the British spin-off is set to get a shot in the arm as part of renewed vigour in talent development. According to the reports, the remaining Gold & Black Brand is set to expand into the wider continent, with NXT Europe scheduled to launch in 2023.

As reported by FOX News, the overseas NXT brand is set for some major expansion with this new branch. In doing so, the reports detail that NXT UK is set to go on 'hiatus for a few months', seemingly in preparation for the launch of the new European brand. FOX News spoke to WWE Hall of Famer "Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels, the vice president of talent development, who explained that "given the success of NXT UK, we felt like it was time to expand beyond that."

Longtime NXT followers will remember how the international expansion of the brand had been a project first established during the time of WWE Hall of Famer Triple H as head of talent development, outlining a plan for setting up various NXT hubs around the world. So, the news of NXT Europe seems to be steering things back in the Game's original direction, after the massive rebranding into 'NXT 2.0'

What Will NXT Europe Look Like?

With 2023 still a fair way into the future, the WWE haven't given any concrete details on what exactly NXT Europe will look like compared to NXT UK, other than its obvious expansion. In Michaels' conversation with FOX News, he reiterates the intention of the NXT brand being a pipeline to the main roster, and that the :pipeline is always fluid."

However, The Heartbreak Kid also hints towards NXT Europe having a much wider reach for events than what NXT UK has enjoyed. "I remember all the times we went to Germany it was off the charts, just fantastic... I would love to kind of go to Venice, Italy," Shawn shared, continuing with "I certainly have some favorite places I would like to go... I think Paris, France would be pretty cool."

NXT UK already has a European presence amongst its roster, having had Walter/ Gunther and Imperium as key players, with other continental representation from the likes of Ilja Dragunov, A-Kid and Amale. The launch of NXT UK also saw the foundation of a Performance Center in London, though whether The Federation plans to open more facilities is unclear at present. For now, it is up for a lot of speculation - like perhaps the launch will come with a reborn European championship? Hopefully looking more stylish though... more like the existing NXT UK titles?

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