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Peter Avalon on His AEW Status, Getting Into Acting

The latest guest in "INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet." Peter Avalon talked about his run in All Elite Wrestling, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling & Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. He talked about how Tony Khan came up with his character "The Librarian"... his 1st match for NJPW Strong... working on being an actor... David Arquette... & more.

On Acting & Wrestling: “I’m trying to do more & more. I just got myself a commercial agent & I’m working on getting myself more agents. I just did a film & a music video with Jacob Sartorius. He's a very talented young man & he's big on TikTok with millions of followers. I’m just trying to stay busy, while also still wrestling. I’m still with AEW. I’m also booking, writing & appearing on Championship Wrestling {From Hollywood} which we do every month from the Irvine Improv. I’m doing Game Changer Wresting with my man Ray Roa... Prestige Wrestling... & we have Epic Pro Wrestling coming up. There is a lot of stuff. I’m very active, very busy & it’s a lot of fun.”

On Staying With AEW: “You can see me (Ryan) Nemeth & the rest of the Wingmen, Cezar & JD usually main-eventing Dark. Weird how it works out, where people wonder where we are. We aren't on the flyers, or any of the advertising. Hell, it’s hard. But it’s funny that we will main event most episodes of Dark & we are now 0-672 to the Dark Order & to The Best Friends. We are doing really well against both teams.”

On training David Arquette: “I was the head trainer of the United Wrestling Center that's in Oxnard, when the Championship Wrestling {From Hollywood} show was filmed out there every month. I was recommended to David & then I got a phone call. I think I had it on private that day, so I didn’t answer the phone until after I was done. I checked my phone, got a voicemail & I thought it was a rib. I called him back, set up a time & he came down to Oxnard. I think he came down 2 or 3 times. The 1st time, I made his ass puke. It was hard & it was hot in my school. The rolls make you dizzy. He then bought a ring & set it up in his backyard, so I would go to his house & train every week, in his backyard.”

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