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Promoter Rick Bassman Says He's Working on Retirement Show for Goldberg With Sting Involved

On the latest "Haus of Wrestling" podcast, Nick Hausman interviewed Rick Bassman.

Bassman on the rumor that Sting will be retiring:

"I positively believe the rumor to be true. I talk with Sting, Steve, maybe once a month, once every two months, and the impression the rumor you're referencing is probably pretty accurate. He's 63 or 64 now, and unlike most guys, especially from his era, he's in relatively good physical condition. He's in very, very good financial shape. So what else is there for him to do really at this point. He's been the top guy in the world for decades. He's well liked. He's well respected. He's still reasonably good in the ring. He's a guy that absolutely could afford by every metric and measure to go out on top so, why the heck would not?"

On Goldberg possibly having a retirement tour:

"First of all, I'm actively in touch with Bill. I'm working on a date right now. I don't promote much these days, but every now and then something fun comes up and it's worth diving into. So working on a day in Jerusalem, Israel, for September of this year and that would involve potentially both Goldberg and Sting. Then on the latter, you have the AEW clearance issues, of course. So that's something that I really hope to put together. Only because I've been in touch actively with Bill and then also with his agent, Barry Bloom, who is a longtime good friend, they are working on exactly what you described, but to my knowledge, it still needs to all be nailed down. Now that said, I would not be surprised to see Bill end up back at WWE for somthing massive

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