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Raw review: May 30, 2022

Becky Lynch kicked off RAW with a great promo. Becky Lynch is a better face than heel but she’s a great heel to. I don’t like the build to this triple threat but the match itself will be amazing. It’s for sure going to be a contender for match of the night. Becky somehow made being a mom heel heat and that genuinely made me laugh. I don’t know if anyone noticed but she was talking to fast, she kept like gasping or squeaking I guess. I don’t know dude I heard it. Wwe’s presentation of Asuka is still awful, she’s to good to be made to like like a fool every week but Bianca helped the segment find its footing again.


After the commercial break was Bianca Belair vs Asuka with Becky Lynch on commentary. This match started with some mat wrestling and it escalated from there. Good match, should be on a Premium Live Event especially with the brand split not being a thing anymore. But I’m never going to be upset with Bianca vs Asuka on free tv with actual reason for being. This was a great match but the pin was a little botched. Becky attacked Bianca after the bell to end the segment/match.

Winner: Bianca Belair


Next was a Cody Rhodes promo. Seth Rollins cut him off from the crowd and it was a fun promo.Seth teased fighting Rhodes turned away at the barricade. Cody charges Rollins and they crawled through the crowd. This was a good go home angle for their third and hopefully final match in this feud. But this was a perfect go home segment and probably will be one of the best segments of the year. HI CURTIS AXEL! ‘‘Twas nice to see you again.


Next was Ali vs Ciampa for a shot at the U.S title, wait just for Theory? Ok I guess.. On paper this smacks but Ciampa didn’t get an entrance and right away this match felt like less of a big deal than it should be. Ciampa is a generational talent and he should be treated like much bigger of a deal than he has been. I usually don’t “jump the gun” but since he’s arrived he’s only felt like a big deal when he jumped Ali tue first time. This match ended in a DQ so Ali will face Theory at Hell in a Cell. The match was good until the end too, damn. #pray4ciampa Theory gave Ali his title match after he assaulted him and I see what Vince sees in Theory. The match did a good job getting Ali over as a face, because he could have called it off. Match was good and we still get the Match at HIAC so cool.

Winner: Ali (DQ)


Next was a backstage promo with Riddle and he introduced Shinsuke Nakamura as his temporary tag partner. This was fine I’d rather see him do some single stuff until Randy gets back at-least. Then they had a match against the Usos for a title shot. Once again they have to beat the champions to get a. Title shot? That defeats the purpose of the match you’re trying to sell. Why do they not understand that. Sure it works in the short term but they got to think about the bigger payoff. The match was good…until the end, because well duh all four are great, but my point still stands.

Winner: ShinSkiddle


Next was Liv Morgan vs Rhea Ripley. This story has been fun, I wish they teamed for a little longer first but I’m just happy to see both women in a storyline with some gravitas. Match was fun and did a good job building to the 6 person tag this Sunday. The crowd loved the finish. Liv won with a roll up. Of course a fight broke out after but it’s the go home show so it makes sense.

Winner: Liv Morgan


After commercial Was Alexa Bliss vs Doudrop. Can we please call her Piper Nevin? It’s better than Doudrop. This match was about what you would expect. Nikki was at ringside and the crowd like did not care. Apparently Corey Graves hasn’t been watching RAW recently, because he said this was Alexa Bliss’s return match…ummm no it isn’t Corey? Match was fine but the crowd was dead. This was cut from the show on Hulu but I tuned in live for a little and I swear I saw this match happen.

Winner: Alexa Bliss


Next was “Miz TV” with the Street Profits which also wasn’t on the show but like this did happen right?


The go home angle was the contact signing between Bobby Lashley and Omos with MVP. This was a boring segment with a fine ending. The Cody and Seth angle should’ve closed the show.

This show was fine, the first two hours was much more enjoyable than the last but I’ve been saying three hours is to long. But I’m more excited for the Hell in a Cell PLE than I was last week, mostly because I didn’t know it was Sunday until I watched Raw which is a whole other issue but that’s neither here nor there. This weeks show gets 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

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