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Ryback says WWE has reached out with a settlement and to stop him from speaking about Vince

Ryback has been very outspoken about WWE after his departure in 2016. There has been much controversy regarding the Ryback name. In a series of tweets ryback says:

“Over 5 months ago @wwe legal reached out to propose a settlement, as they’re going to lose the RYBACK TM. They want past rights and for me to sign a NDA. They’ve repeatedly tried telling me to stop talking about @VinceMcMahon and the truth with @wwe. You must right all wrongs.”

Ryback also added that, “The one thing people need to understand is they threatened my job in 2012 with a multi million dollar malpractice suit I had for my ankle injury. They told me if I dropped it they would take care of me and all would be forgotten from the past. I trusted them and they lied.”

I should note that the tweets above are Ryback’s statements and the talks about the settlement have not been confirmed by WWE

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