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Was the Uberstar of Jerichlean Proportions Surprised to Hear the Allegations Against Vince McMahon?

Unless they've been living under Dwayne Johnson, Chris Jericho {& the rest of the world, for that matter} have clearly heard about WWE’s Board of Directors investigating Vince McMahon, over several hush payments made to former WWE employees.

In yet another another bombshell report from the Wall Street Journal that dropped recently, it was revealed that the Federation's Board of Directors is investigating claims that Vinnie Mac paid $12,000,000 to 4 women, over the past 16 years. This comes in addition to the initial report that the Former Genetic Jackhammer paid a former paralegal a $3,000,000 hush payment.

A former WWF Divas was the recipient of 1 such payment, for $7,500,000. That wrestler was coerced into performing oral sex on Vince... then wound up being demoted & fired, when she refused to do anything else.

Prior to the latest allegations surfacing, AEW star Chris Jericho appeared on the “True Geordie” to discuss the initial report.

According to "the Wizard” himself, he wasn’t surprised by the allegations. Additionally, he commented on Vince McMahon continuing to appear on television, in recent weeks.

On if he was surprised by the allegations: “Not really. Is it a surprise in any industry, when it happens? When you look @ it, it’s really not illegal. He had an affair... paid the lady off to not say anything... & moved on. It’s almost like, ‘Okay &?’ People want to jump on it, but there's still always an undertone of ‘it’s wrestling. Oh, it’s just wrestling,’ If you look, that story came out with a bang... & then you really haven’t heard anything about it since. If this was Hollywood, with Harvey Weinstein, that sort of thing…the difference between that is, he was holding women back for getting gigs, Harvey Weinstein. ‘Either bang me, or you don’t get the starring role.’ This has never been said in Vince’s thing. It was a mutual acknowledgement of the affair... he paid the lady to say nothing... & she took the money. I really know Vince well & it sucks that happened, it sucks that he did it, but is anything really going to happen from it? I don’t think so.”

On McMahon’s appearances on TV, since the initial report: “That’s Vince McMahon. I think it’ll come & go. Is it morally right? Absolutely not. Is it illegal? No. Is it something that's going to get him into real trouble? I don’t think so. Once again, unfortunately, ‘Oh, it’s just Vince McMahon, it’s just wrestling, of course he’s going to do that.’ Those things come & go, they happen, it’s too bad, but I really think it doesn’t matter, in the long run. 6 months from now, I’ll either be right, or I’ll be wrong.”

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