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What will happen if Vince steps down permanently

Over the last few days, the world has been informed that Vince McMahon is possibly involved in a financial scandal as the CEO and Chairman of the Board of the WWE. It has recently hit the news wires that he has stepped back from that position while the investigation proceeds and his daughter Stephanie will take over as Interim CEO and Chairwoman of the Board.

I recently have come across that there could be large ramifications if Vince should completely step down from his role as CEO and Chairman of the Board should evidence show fiduciary violations stemming from NDA's signed by women that have worked for the company. The wrestling community are speculating that this might be the nail in the coffin and could spell the end of WWE and that would trickle down and affect promotions like AEW when their television deal comes up.

Instead of coming to this article as a wrestling fan, I am coming to this as a business person and a shareholder in WWE stock.

Over the years, Vince has set up a system in which the company can and will run if he were to step down or pass away during his tenure as the head of WWE. This is to ensure that the day to day operations will run as well as it has run in the past and that no matter who takes up the mantle as the new CEO and Chairperson of the Board, that their commitment to shareholders will continue.

WWE is a billion dollar company and with it being a publicly traded company, they have a commitment to make shareholders money and make their stock perform well. They are in it for the money and making their shareholders happy, so it would not make sense to change how the business is run in the future. Be it Nick Khan, Stephanie McMahon or someone from the outside, as long as the leadership remains the same, the company will be run the same.

Now if the company were to be sold, that's an entirely different story but one would suspect that any new ownership would also run the company very similar as its been proven quarter after quarter and year after year that the business model works and is financially stable. It would be a horrible mistake to run it any different.

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