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Will Ospreay Shares Why He’s On Bad Terms With Kenny Omega

While speaking on the WRESTHINGS podcast, Ospreay shared that he’s currently on bad terms with Omega (h/t Fightful):

“Obviously, people want Kenny Omega, we’re not on good terms right now. When you leave the building and leave New Japan and pull me aside and say, ‘You need to step up for this company, I believe in you,’ and gas you up and gas you up hard, and you put your heart and f*cking soul in trying to make this…the bar was high. For both myself and [Jay White], the bar was high. I actually care and want the fans who watch New Japan to be like, ‘this is professional wrestling.’ I’m doing it and destroying my body to do it, and then you cut me off online? What type of a c*nt is that? Ospreay noted that he held Kenny Omega in high regard until Omega reportedly buried him online: “I look at you and actually hold you in high regard, actual high regard, and I respect everything you’ve done. Even when you did the barbed wire exploding match that went to f*cking s*it, I actually was the type of guy that was like, ‘I hope they’re alright.’ The bombardment of tweets, I was probably the only guy that did that, and instead you retaliate by burying me to your sh*tty fans. I’m literally doing my f*cking best. That’s why me and Kenny don’t get along. I’m sure he has something else to say, but it’s one of those things where I prefer him to stay away from me at this point. It’s not even funny. You can destroy guys like that. You’re saying this and you’re saying that, I don’t like two-faced people. Be real, just be real, that’s all I ask for.”
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